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9 WordPress Plugins To Improve Images Performance

WordPress Plugins

One of the main reason behind the popularity of WordPress is its repository of plugins. You’ve got a plugin to do almost anything – integration of social sharing buttons, managing mailing lists or creating static html files, etc. There are also plugins to optimize your blog for speed and performance. For a page carrying lots […]

5 simple ways to speed up WordPress

A faster website can help you attract readers, retain them, and improve SEO. And if you’re using WordPress, incorporating a few simple administrative practices – and changing some publishing habits – could be just what you need to speed up WordPress. Let’s explore several ways small publishers can make WordPress faster. These tips are for […]

10 things you can do to speed up your site


Improve your Page Speed To keep you page optimized is very easy with Sixvel Technologies, Speed you page by various angles like reducing you resource, compression techniques, database optimization, and many kinds. Sixvel provides best optimization for you websites and has proved in several websites. try with us for page speed optimization with hourly basis, […]