PHP 8.0 comes with enhancements improvements and new features

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PHP 8.0 accompanies various enhancements and new highlights, such as Union Types Named Arguments Match Expressions Attributes Constructor Property Promotion Nullsafe Operator Weak Maps Just In Time Compilation And much much more. PHP 8.0 is a significant update of the PHP language. It contains numerous new highlights and enhancements including named contentions, association types, ascribes, […]

Simple Blog Post Counter Plugin

This is a simple blog post counter plugin example to get no of users visiting your blog post. Create a file in plugin directory in WordPress, Copy the blow code and save, then open your single.php in theme directory, Open up single.php in your themes directory, and call the below function and see the blog […]

How to Create a Custom Template for your page for your WordPress theme


Each page template has a template name, User can choose by editing their page, this option is available at Pages > Add New > Attributes > Template, So users have options to choose their customized template while creating or editing the page for example, if you like to create a full-width page for services Create […]

Responsive Bootstrap navbar on hover


How to create responsive Bootstrap navbar on hover slide down effect without js Dear Friends, Thanks for visiting our blog page, now your are going to learn how to make bootstrap navbar menu on hover effect by simple steps, Create basic bootstrap menu from bootstrap documentation Try copy below HTML & CSS inside your project […]