Application development

Web application development is the process and practice of developing web applications. Sixvel technology supports framework, content management system, e-commerce solutions for your business. The top most frameworks, cms or e-commerce solutions to build your agile applications, we start developing with our team with dedicated developer and having experienced fellows for you to build a high quality application development in the web technology.

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Custom Web Applications

Sixvel technology supports the below framework which helps you to develop Custom Web Applications for your business needs. We choose most powerful framework and start analyzing, developing and testing with the help of our team. We helps you to place dedicated framework developer for the project needs and we having experienced professionals for you to build high quality software application in the web development platform.

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CMS Development

A content management system (cms) is a bundled or stand-alone application to create, deploy, manage and store content on web pages. Sixvel technologies supports most popular and advanced cms like wordpress, joomla, drupal, typo3 and etc., these includes text and embedded graphics, photos, video, audio, and code (e.g., for applications) that displays content or interacts with the user.

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E-Commerce Development

We are the most trusted and reliable ecommerce development company. The e-commerce portal should have an online web presence for the proposed products. This portal should have the capability to sell product by itself online without any manual process involved. Usability and feel of the portal should be more user-friendly with easy navigation, which would allow the prospect to buy products of their choice and pay online without any pain.

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Page Speed Optimization

To keep you page optimized is very easy with sixvel technologies, speed you page by various angles like reducing you resource, compression techniques, database optimization, and many kinds.

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